Industrial Power Plant DPNXA Power Generation

Power Generation

DP-NXA brings an extraordinary team of professionals experienced in upgrades, modifications and improvements to power generation facilities.  We understand that a power generation facility is a complex assembly of systems…

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TWU Health Sciences DPNXA

Institutional Facilities

DP-NXA works closely with the owners representative to understand how their sites operate to ensure that minimal to no impact occurs to their operations during design and construction phase of…

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Waste Water DP NXA

Water and Waste Water Plants

DP-NXA leadership and team members have extensive experience working with large and small municipal facilities as well as industrial operations.  We make sure that we adhere strictly to all security…

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engineering automation manufacturing DP-NXA

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing DP-NXA has a long history of working in diverse manufacturing facilities. We understand the importance of working with the owners to identify their mission critical areas. We also make…

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