DP-NXA has a long history of working in diverse manufacturing facilities. We understand the importance of working with the owners to identify their mission critical areas. We also make sure that we adhere strictly to all security, safety and foreign object debris (FOD) mandates for the owner’s sites. Our team of professionals take the time to walk down all the project locations to ensure that we understand the existing conditions as well as the constraints that might be encountered by a construction contractor. We develop designs with an understanding of what it takes to maintain and operate the facility. We consult with the owners and general contractors to make sure that the design solution we develop can be constructed with the minimum of impact to the owner’s ongoing operations.

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 aerospace Manufacturing engineering

Electrical:  Areas of Experience within DP-NXA

  • High voltage (greater than 69,000 volts) distribution design
  • Medium voltage (greater than 1000 volts) distribution design
  • Low voltage distribution design at 480/277V, 240V and 208/120V
  • 400hz distribution
  • Dual Ring Buss distribution
  • DC distribution 28vdc to 270vdc
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Monitoring, relaying and control of distribution components
  • Emergency and Backup Generators - Load shedding
  • Main-Tie-Main or Main-Tie-Tie-Main power distribution design
  • Motor control circuit design
  • Design new or retrofit lighting plans to support project design and improve electrical efficiencies
  • Grounding (building, power, static, equipment) System Design
  • Active and Passive Cathodic (underground piping and components) Protection Design
  • Instrumentation design to support plant processes
    • Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
    • Controls Integration
    • Plant process automation
  • Electrical Design for areas classified as hazardous

Mechanical:  Areas of Experience within DP-NXA

  • Headworks mechanisms and HVAC
  • Chemical Laboratories
  • Computer/Server Rooms
  • Chemical Storage tanks including loading / unloading stations
  • Primary, secondary and sump pumps
  • Containment leak systems and monitoring
  • Industrial waste collection systems
  • DI water generation and distribution
  • Central Utility Plant, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Steam, Cold and Hot Water hydronic systems
  • Fuel purification and compression stations
  • Site Located Co-generation
  • Specialized production equipment or aids
  • Corrosion control and mitigation
  • Paint, finish and preparation booths
  • Central/point of use vacuum systems


Power transmission lines