DP-NXA brings an extraordinary team of professionals experienced in upgrades, modifications and improvements to power generation facilities.  We understand that a power generation facility is a complex assembly of systems and subsystems – when a system, structure or component is modified, replaced, or upgraded often times the impact to other systems, structures and components must be understood and considered as well.  Our clients engage us to perform a detailed review of the issues, and formulate alternatives and recommend a cost-effective, compliant solution for the facility.  We go into each project with a clear understanding of the Owner’s goals and engineer the best possible solution.  We understand that robust communication with operations, maintenance, engineers and management is essential to a successful project that meets the requirements of all stakeholders.  Of course, our focus as professional engineers is to provide quality documents for a design that is constructible and maintainable.

Thermal performance modeling, analysis and testing services can be provided through a “sister” company with whom we work closely. In addition, DP-NXA can provide staff augmentation services, project management and project engineer support at your plants or at your offices.  We have senior staff that have operations experience that can be brought to bear to ensure that, working with you, we understand the impacts of our designs.

Power Station DPNXA Power Generation
Turbine Generator DPNXA Power Generation

Electrical / Instrumentation & Controls / Fire Protection Engineering

  • High voltage (greater than 69,000 volts) distribution design
  • Medium voltage (greater than 1000 volts) distribution design
  • Low voltage distribution design at 480/277V, 240V and 208/120V
  • DC distribution 28vdc to 270vdc
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Monitoring, relaying and control of distribution components
  • Emergency and Backup Generators - Load shedding
  • Main-Tie-Main or Main-Tie-Tie-Main power distribution design
  • Motor control circuit design
  • Design new or retrofit lighting plans to support project design and improve electrical efficiencies
  • Grounding (building, power, static, equipment) System Design
  • Active and Passive Cathodic (underground piping and components) Protection Design
  • Instrumentation design to support plant processes
  • Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Controls Integration
  • Plant process automation
  • Arc Flash Studies and Requirements
  • NFPA Code Compliance
  • Fire Detection and Alarm System Design and Modification
  • Fire Water Supply Design and Hydraulic Analysis
  • Fire Suppression System Design and Modification (including sprinkler systems, water spray systems, clean agent systems, and foam / chemical systems)
  • Fire, Explosion, and Chemical Hazard Assessment and Evaluation / Fire Modeling
  • Conceptual Design and Consulting Services
  • Fire Barrier Design, Qualification and Evaluation

Mechanical and Civil / Structural Engineering

  • Steam, Condensate and Feedwater Systems
  • Open and Closed Cooling Water Systems
  • Feedwater Treatment Systems
  • Cooling Water Treatment Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • HVAC environmental and process control, including control and computer rooms, laboratories, support facilities
  • Chemical storage tanks including loading / unloading stations
  • Supplemental support systems such as: Chilled Water, Auxiliary Steam, Cold and Hot Water Hydronic Systems
  • Mechanical systems analysis including hydraulics, water hammer, heat exchanger performance, etc.
  • Test Engineer Support
  • Standby Power Systems (Diesel, Combustion Turbine)
  • Piping and Support System Design and Analysis (ASME, B31, and AISC Codes)
  • Auxiliary and Support Steel Structures (e.g., access platforms and electrical component supports) Design and Analysis
  • Design and analysis of building foundations and structures (ACI and AISC Codes)
  • Independent third-party reviews of lift plans
Switchyard DPNXA Power Generation